People behind the Products

In the late 1950s, using the publication “Connecticut Industry”, ATCO began a communications program with periodic messages in the form of full page ads showing employees at work and conveying the idea of “the People Behind the Products.” The ads show employees on the job, at home, engaged in civic activities and with community leaders to show that the Company’s employees are the town’s citizens.

We managed to find 15 of them. Here they are :

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Blanche Auger
Cecile Blanchette
Armand Caouette
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Chasse
Alphee Clermont
Herman Colerado
James Gerald Hooper
Rogers L. Johnson
Mary E. Lemons
Winslow McIntire
Alice Monroe
Durward Oldershaw
Edmund Peltier
Fred Setterberg
Jeannette and Oscar Turcotte
Victor Turcotte