When threadcity began in 2000, one of the features was a discussion forum, in some ways similar to today's FB group posts. Thousands of topics were discussed over the years. Unfortunately, due to the platform the discussion forum was on, it was very difficult to save many of the topics. The topics below were just some of the things that were discussed over the years. |

Looking back now, perhaps some of these topics may be interesting to people and maybe a bit more history can be learned. And we can get an idea of what people were thinking 15-20 years ago.


../St. Valentine's Day Fire 1968.pdf
Al Saba 1   Aircraft Warning Service 1942-1945  
Another Day of Infamy 2   Area Artists of the past  
Antique Places 3   Beatniks in Willimantic  
Appliance Stores 4   Benny's  
Area Soda Fountains. 5   Best Milkshake in Willi  
Auction Houses 6   Bike Path  
Balloon Fest 7   Bills No. 7  
Barkers 8   Bond Bread  
Barkers and First National 131   Butler's Dairy Bar  
Ben Kirschenbaum 9   Butler's-Deary's Dairy Bar  
Best Movie Houses 10   Capitol/Gem/Strand Theaters  
Best Store in Willimantic 11   Case Gymnasium  
Big Coffee Cup 113   Charles Kelly the dancer  
Blackout of 1965 12   Checkerboard Feed Store  
Boombox Parade 13   Christmas Memory  
Boombox Parade Recap 14   Christmas Tree Story  
Born at WCMH 81   Club Vogue  
Capitol Theatre 106   Dutch Oven  
Car Dealerships 84   Earliest Memories  
Catch Me Up 15   Eateries gone now  
Cemetery 16   Exeter Cemetery  
Chapman Block 17   Finast and A&P  
Christmas Decorations 20   Fast Food Places  
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant 18   First National  
Conn. School of Music 19   Food Markets gone now  
Convenience Stores 117   Frogs - Bridge  
Coventry's Holly Tree 100   Frogs - Artists  
Dairies 135   Gale's Music Store  
Dairy Queen 118   Gem Theater  
Dentists 21   G.A.R. highway  
Dick Bellavance 22   Grates in city sidewalks  
Donuts 23   Green Grocery Truck in the '50s  
Downtown Stores 24   Homer and Irene's  
Duckpin Bowling 101   Hosmer Mountain  
Eating Spots 85   Hotel Hooker in the '50s  
Elks' Lodge 108   Hurricane of '38  
Famous Visitors 123   Jackson Street bars  
First Pizza Place 25   Joe's Keyway  
Food Places 26   Kerman's Drive-in  
Frogs 27   Ladies Shop on Church Street  
Funeral Homes 28   Last Movie at Capitol  
Gallery 18 Photo 29   Local Celebrities  
Get Rid of Hooker 30   Local folks who made it big  
Gin Joints 31   Local Phone exchanges  
Good Old Song 32   Local Rock Bands of the '60s  
Good Places to Swim 33   Lower Jackson Street  
Grinders 34   Main St. business activity  
Halloween Horror Shows 124   Main Street does it...  
Happy Memories 35   Mansfield Center pic  
Haunted Willimantic 36   Mickey's Windham Diner-1  
Historical Families 37   Mickey's Windham Diner-2  
Hosmer Mountain 38   Mountain Dairy  
Hospital 39   Murray Block  
Hot vs Cold 40   My old neighborhood  
Hyde's Magazine Shop 41   Old Willi Restaurants  
Ice Skating 128   Old Willimantic  
Iron Horse Restaurant 109   Painted Frogs  
Jim's Coffee Spot 42   Past Christmases  
Kahn's Auctions 105   Perkins Corner  
Landlords 43   Phillip's Market  
Landmarks 55   Pic - Main Street Fire  
Langworthys.... 103 Playmor Park
Lazarus-Ballerstein Families 44   Public Library  
Leonards - Lennys 104   Ray's Drive In  
Living in Willimantic 111   Sledding  
Local Faces 140   Spafford Paper Mill  
Local Star Athletes 45   St. Valentine's Day fire  
Long Ago 46   Strand Theater  
Long Ago - Part 2 47   Those born in the '30s  
Loomer Opera House 48   Throwaway items  
Mansfield Hollow Dam 110 Thursday Shopping Nights
Mansfield Hollow Dam 136   Town Hall Auditorium  
Mario's Bakery 49   Town Hall Cannons  
Meat Markets 130   Uncle Ken's Tastee Freeze-1  
Memorable Willimantic Characters 50   Uncle Ken's Tastee Freeze-2  
Message from Tom Beardsley (7-9-2002) 115   Union Station  
More Happy Memories 51   What does Willimantic mean?  
Mount Obweebetuck 107   Whitmore Feed Company  
Mountain Dairy 52   WHS class of 1935  
Movie Houses 86   Wile Motors  
N.E. School of Music 129   Willi Armory Car Shows  
Native American History 53   Willimantic Communication Devices  
New Willimantic Song 134   Windham Diner  
North St. 54   Windham Diners  
Old Timers 122   WSTC and SMS fires  
Old Willimantic Chronicles 57   WWII in Windham  
Park Springs 58      
Pictures 59      
Pomfret's Lost Village 60      
Poor Farm 112      
Railroad St. 61      
Raymond's Drive In 138      
Restaurants of Yesterday 114      
Shoe Stores 125      
Shopping 62      
Shopping Center 63      
Sledding 64      
Soda Water History 65      
Sodom 66      
Spires of St. Mary's 67      
St. Jean Baptiste 68      
Street Sweeping 69      
Sun Up Farm 70      
Surplus Center 127      
Swimming Holes 56      
Taverns 116      
Teachers 119      
Teachers (part 2) 120      
Thanks 71      
Thread City Crossing 72      
Town Christmas Tree 126      
Tractors 73      
Trains 133      
Turner St. 74      
Underground Railroad 75      
Victorian Lady Building 76      
Walking the Rails 77      
Walter A. Kaess 78      
Wartime in Willimantic 79      
Wauregan 80      
What was...? 132      
Where Were You? 139      
WHS Photo Albums 82      
WILI Radio 83      
Willi P.D. 87      
Willi P.D. History 88      
Willimantic Public Library 102      
Willimantic River -Eagleville 121      
Willimantic Trust Company 89      
Willimantic U.S.A. 90      
Windham Green Frogs 91      
Windham Mills 92      
Windham Tech Alumni 93      
Woolworth's Lunch Counter 137