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 Trolley - 1935The Willimantic trolley car to Baltic leaving lower Main Street in April, 1935.


Willimantic Traction Co. trolleyThe trolley is heading south on the Old South Windham Road, crossing the intersection of Kick Hill Road and about to go up Babcock Hill Road. In the far background is Route 32 which runs parallel to the old South Windham Road.

Willimantic Traction CompanyConductor's and Motorman's report forms.

"Camp Station" trolley stopThis was the Willimantic Traction Company’s trolley stop at “Camp Station”, the stop for the Willimantic Camp Meeting Association. Joseph “Al” Beaulieu let us know that, “this stop was located at Rt 32 and Plain Road at the Camp Meeting Association entrance”
 Camp Meeting StationThe Willimantic Methodist Campground trolley car stop pictured in 1908

 1909 Trolley CrashThe December 1909 trolley car crash took place near Dugway Hill between Willimantic and South Windham. Fortunately their were no injuries amongst the passengers heading to Willimantic after a night shift at the Smith and Winchester factory. Note that this section of Route 32 had not been built yet.









Trolley at Bailey's Ravine
Trolley at Williams Crossing


Williams Crossing

The Baltic "Switch" location.

Highway and brook crossing
north of Ayers Gap
The Connecticut Company's last trip on the Willimantic-Norwich line occurred on November 30, 1936. Here, the last car (Trolley 202) crosses over the (Bailey's) Ravine Park Road bridge headed to Willimantic at 12:38 PM





Wire Car - Willimantic Line






Williams Crossing

In South Windham


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