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Saint Joseph/Saint Mary Parishes

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Saint Mary Parish 

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Saint Marys Church

Built in 1903

St. Mary's Church - Cornerstone Laying CeremonyAugust 23, 1903. Several thousand people braved the intense heat of the day. Mass was celebrated and two sermons were preached (in French and English). After Mass, the cornerstone and foundation were blessed. Later that afternoon, Benediction was held. The banner above the platform reads (in French), "Lord, how beautiful is your dwelling place".




Saint Mary's Choir



The old Saint Mary's SchoolThis photo was taken from the parish's 1993 family photo album. The part of the building on the far right would have been closest to Valley Street. The Rectory roof is partly visible in the picture's lower left hand corner.



Fr. de Bruycker (left) ; Sister Onifried and Fr. Lawlor on right. App. 1892


  Saint Mary's Drum and Bugle Corps.
The Rev. Roland Guilmette is in the upper right corner and Rod Vincelette is the second from left in the front with the white cap and slacks. Yvon Desautels is the first person on the right in the third row and his brother Paul Desautels is the fourth person on the left in the second row. Father Guilmette purchased the bugles with his own money and a help from a civic organization


Saint Mary's School   1916 

 Cornerstone Laying Ceremony - Saint Mary's SchoolBishop Bernard J. Flanagan at the June 1, 1954 cornerstone laying ceremony for the new Saint Mary School. Visible (with bowtie) in background is parish Trustee and Willimantic Street Superintendent Alexis J. Caisse,Jr.
1955 Dedication Banquet - Saint Mary's School. The photo was taken at the 1955 dedication banquet of the rebuilt St. Mary School. In the front row, left to right, are : unknown, Camilla and Alexis Caisse, Msgr. J.U.J. Papillon, Fr. Roland Guilmette, Msgr. Arthur Routhier, Msgr. Francis Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Nasin, Mayor and Mrs. Florimond Bergeron, City Clerk/Treasurer and Mrs. Roger Paulhus.


Father Guillmette
Father Guillmette in front of Saint Mary's School in 1943
Fr. Guillmette Prayer Card

Father MathieuFather Edward Mathieu with two friends and the housekeeper.

Mr. Denault
Mr. Michel Denault, custodian for Saint Mary's, poses with his family.

Father J.U.J. PapillonFather Papillon poses outside St. Mary's Rectory with his two sisters and the rectory housekeeper.

Mlle. LandrocheMiss Landroche. Housekeeper at Saint Mary Rectory.
Saint Joseph Parish

House - First Mass in Willimantic  

Saint Joseph's Church

Saint Joseph's School
Dedicated 9/27/1908
Saint Joseph's School




Saint Joseph's School    1892

Father Florimond DeBruycker is on the left/ Father Lawlor and Sister Onifried are on the right.


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