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North Windham


Harris Jewelry Factory - North Windham
The Harris Jewelry factory was located between the Cape cod type house (621 N.Windham Rd.) and the 2 car garage just a bit down the Rd. owned by Ken Phillips. The stairs to the factory are still visible. Directly behind it was another large brick factory owned by Lester Hartson where wooden spools for American thread were manufactured. Ken Phillips had the building removed sometime around 1987. Back in the 185os a man named Lincoln had a general store and post office in the general location.


Latham's Market - North Windham
 Latham's super market stood on the corner of old RT6 and Bassetts Bridge Rd. It extended out over the bank, and was supported by abutments. Evidece of these still exist.If you travel back up old rte.6 towards RT6 you will find the old foundation of the Rocky Spring Soda Co. ,with a huge pile of old broken soda bottles littering the bank."


Spafford House - North Windham

The Spafford House was a popular North Windham Hotel in the late 1800s and early 1900s

The Falls - North Windham
This photo is from a postcard and was labeled “The Falls, North Windham, Conn.”.

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