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Willi PD

Posted By: Law Dog
Date: Saturday, 31 March 2001, at 2:30 p.m.

Why is it???

That cars are always parked in the "Fire Lane" at Stop & Shop right in front of the ramp. If the Police would write simple parking tickets to the offenders - it would stop it - and quickly. And the same goes for double parking on Main Street, it always looks like there's a drug deal going down - but it seems as if the people who do this, do so with impunity - where does that attitude come from? FROM BEING ABLE TO GET AWAY WITH!

Why is it???

That I see Police cars parked in remote out of the way locations while on 'patrol', example - the parking lot of the new Juvenile Courthouse, way back in the Stripling Motors lot, or the Willi Plaza lot. How can they 'serve and protect', when they can't see or hear what's going on, or even more importantly, can't be seen, - and it also signals a lack of Police presence.

I'll would be very interested in any answers from the the Chief or John Lescoe. 


Posted By: al
Date: Saturday, 31 March 2001, at 9:59 p.m.

In Response To: Willi PD (Law Dog)

well here's my bit on that stuff. why they eva got rid of the windham constables is something i cannot get.? they used to work with the police here and did a lot of good i think. too bad some of them got carried away and the hole deal got apolished. the police got alot on their hands and remember that there are some bad characters to watch. they oughta know how to do it okay. why don't you become a private cop and patrol at nite and maybe the cops would say to you hey thanks a lot. so there that is my 2 cents. 


Posted By: rd <>
Date: Sunday, 1 April 2001, at 1:57 p.m.

In Response To: Willi PD (Law Dog)

Your concern deserves an answer from the Chief of Police and/or offical representatives of the town. Reducing crime requires, at least, a strong police presents that is fully supported by the citizens and the local judicial system. If the officer on the street experiences or feels that their efforts are not being supported at various levels within the community then it becomes difficult to take pride in one's efforts.