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Willi Movie Houses

Posted By: al
Date: Friday, 23 March 2001, at 10:48 p.m.

I remember the days when Willi had 3 movie houses == The Capitol, Gem and Strand ( or "scratch house").

The Capitol was the largest and always got the top movies alright. i remember the friday nites up there in the balcony when they used to have a cop stand there and keep order over the wild teen=agers up there making out and stuff...once a guy punched the cop out and they took the kid to the jailhouse. i remember the clock on the wall downstairs near the stage that read: "Lizee's Jewelers". Capitol had great popcorn that was popped in the candy stand in lobby. we got a bag for 10 cents and juju bees for 6 cents a box. a bunch of vets from vfw home in willi came in there one nite when FROM HERE TO ETERNITY was showing.we went out into front of theatre and listened to the guys talk aout pearl harbour attack and how real it was done in the movie.

the GEM was okay but kind of small.

now THE STRAND was a real trip back then. i remmebr my mom won some dishes there one saturday with us...they had a raffle and i still got one of the plates with donald duck on it. i never did get bit by a bug that i know about.



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