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Posted By: Shemp Daigneault
Date: Saturday, 15 September 2001, at 9:42 p.m.

I am wondering if any of you folks have memories of wartime in Willimantic????. I do.

When I was a kid I remember the city's big victory parade down Main Street at the end of World War 2. Does anyone else remember this day?? There were lots of State Police, local police and solders from the Armory on Plesant Street and all kinds of other officials too marching down Main Street. Sirens rang throught the city, church bells rang too.

There were lots of marching bands from the City, including the WHS band and St. Mary's Drum and Bugle Corps. There were open air vehicles of every description with dignataries in them like the Mayor ( I think it was Mayor Hinman if I recall).

My pop and I later got a bite at the little diner called EAT that was located on Main St. opposite the Post Office at Main & High Sts. Actually, it sat right on the site of what is now known as or called The Lonergan Building -- the ole home of the WILI radio station.

This place was also called Pudnick's Diner too. Mr. Pudnick was a little man with very thick glasses. He served very good breakfasts there. When the servicemen started to return to Willimantic around the holidays in 1945 many of them were looking for jobs, which were scare then. Many worked on Main Street in various jobs at the stores and moviehouses too.

They all felt they had gone off to war to stop the EVIL in Europe and Asia!!!.

Now our boys and girls will be going off again to fight another EVIL in a foriegn land after our precious country and way of life has been threatened by "barbarians" from Hell.

Shemp 9/15/01 


Posted By: Scorpio <>
Date: Monday, 17 September 2001, at 11:46 a.m.

In Response To: WILLIMANTIC WARTIME MEMORIES (Shemp Daigneault)

I just heard a report from the Department of Army that they're getting many calls for service from men in their forties, but none from the 17 to 34 age group that they really need. These young heroes would rather ride around in their pick-up trucks with their baseball caps on backwards and play "Joe-Cool." Army is concerned with their "lack-of-interest," which is out of the ordinary when compared to past similar-events. Army sources say that their attitude is "leave it to the other guy." What are your thoughts on this? 


Posted By: Shemp Daigneault
Date: Saturday, 22 September 2001, at 10:42 p.m.


To Scorpio and et al:

Well let me say this.....the genration that is 17-34 years of age I will not fault for their lack of reference on war. They were brought up in peacetime America and the only military altercations they know or have have been exposed to include the "star wars" Gulf War and of course, computer games.

I believe they are in for a shock when they see what lies before us in the Middle East. You only have to look back at the events in NYC at the World Trade Center to see the kind of level of war we are in for.

The Eagle is sharpening his talons you evildoers....and it's the your Islamic terrorist ass that he will sink them into.

Shemp Semper Fi '55 9/22 


Posted By: rd <>
Date: Sunday, 23 September 2001, at 2:20 p.m.

In Response To: Re: WILLIMANTIC WARTIME MEMORIES (Shemp Daigneault)

I think you may be right Shemp. I was in the Army in 58 and can still recite my serial number faster than I can remember my own telephone number. This my summer my wife and I were fortunate and proud to have visited the American War Cemetary in Normandy. There are no adjectives to adequately express its presence or the feeling you have walking among the rows of perfectly aligned white crosses. These men gave their lives "there" so our shorline would not never feel the burden of war. This war will be different and we need to unite like we did in 1941!