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Haunted Willimantic

Posted By: Nancy Simpson <>
Date: Sunday, 5 November 2000, at 2:45 p.m.

We are the Southern New England Ghost Hunters Society, located right here in Willimantic. We are looking for locations to investigate in this area. If you think you have a haunting, or know of a place, or would like to know if your house or business is haunted, email, snail mail or call us. We do not charge anything for investigations.

Check out our website for dates and times of meetings.

Southern New England Ghost Hunters Society 


Posted By: CHAS <>
Date: Thursday, 9 November 2000, at 10:21 p.m.

In Response To: Haunted Willimantic (Nancy Simpson)


The Capitol Theatre is haunted!!! When I was a kid growing up in the movie palace we would often be told about a ghost that haunted the dressing rooms undernearth the stage (remember The Capitol was designed as a vaudeville house for live performers before the talkies came in). Legend has it that some man shot another man once the show left town. The two were in a lover's triangle for the hand of a dazzling actress/singer named Shanghai Lil. The ghost came back to haunt the Capitol where he had fond memories of his gal pal,

Also, the left balcony area is the spot where a man died very unexpectedly one night. People did not like to sit in that area after his demise, complaining that it was always cold. 

Re: Haunted Willimantic

Posted By: Corey Sipe <>
Date: Thursday, 23 November 2000, at 6:34 p.m.

In Response To: Haunted Willimantic (Nancy Simpson)

There are rumors of ghosts in ECSU Burr Hall attic. There are stairs to the attic in the building but nobody lives up there or is allowed to go up there. 

Posted By: CHAS <>
Date: Sunday, 26 November 2000, at 9:24 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Haunted Willimantic (Corey Sipe)

Burr Hall may be "haunted" at ESCU. In the 1960s I had some friends that went to school at Eastern when it was known as Willi State College. I had come by to visit a lady friend who was a resident of Burr Hall. I pulled in off High Street and parked in the lot and noticed a huge crowd had collected. Ambulance attendants were carrying a stretcher with a young woman on it.

Later, we learned that she was DOA at Windham Hospital.

Word was that the young student had ingested some peanut candy that she was allergic to and went into a asythmatic reaction and died.

The dead young woman's room was near my friend's -- on the second floor end, near the old high school.