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Where did the River go?

Posted By: Ron D
Date: Monday, 29 July 2002, at 9:31 p.m.

On a recent Saturday, I entered the waterway at the Eagleville Dam to take in the scenery of the Willimantic River. I knew I'd have to paddle a ways up into this lake before it eventually turned river-like.

15 minutes into the trip I came upon a big Meadow-like shoreline. It seemed to be bordered by a waterway on the left and on the right. I went to the right but soon came upon a very bog-like setting. Impassable.

Then I returned to that "intersection" and took the pathway to the left. It resembled a small river, but continually narrowed to a dead end.

Did I miss something? Further up-river in Willington and Tolland, I know the water is flowing. Is this section of the river a resting place for the upstream silt? Maybe water flows beneath the silt...

If there are any boaters/canoers/kayakers out there that can shed some light (or water) on this subject, please do so. I am curious as to,"Where did the River go?"